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Quality accounting and innovative
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Seamless cooperation is a part of our know-how. We can take over your accounting in its entirety or collaborate with your in-house bookkeeper. Our workflow is designed to minimize the administrative burden on the client, allowing them to focus on strategic decisions.

Our priorities are quality, innovation, and bespoke solutions.

We convert data into comprehensive visual reports and propose actionable business solutions. You can also commission us to carry out a survey of your target market, sector or a study specific to the challenge your business might be facing.

dominika coutts

Dominika Coutts


Practical Solutions

Beside bespoke solutions we can help you tackle micro challenges that are proved to have a critical impact on long term operations

Low e-mail deliverability

The deliverability of e-mails depends on the outcome of the recipient's server security evaluation.

This rating is assigned after evaluating the criteria that an authentic domain should meet.

One of the unpleasant events occurs when the company's domain is assessed to be a spam and, as a result, all communication from a legit domain end up in the junk file.

By implementing protocol settings and specific tactics, we can avoid such situations even in cases where a client uses e-mail marketing en masse.

Absence of useful data, lack of conformity

It goes without saying that every entity must meet the compliance requirements within the legislation related to the collection, management and the security of the data, especially with regards to personal data - and be able to demonstrate such compliance in the event of a data audit.

Types of business data whose leverage is proven to be insightful in terms of development and optimization is other quantitative and qualitative information relating to processes. If you wish to adapt your company's process of collection and evaluation of insightful data, we are at your disposal.

E-shop: Technical issues with invoicing

Situation when customer was charged yet no order seemed to had been placed are not unheard of.

Such a case can occur when the payment gateway receives the payment but the order does not end up generated due to a network delay during redirection.

Repercussions of not identifying and resolving such issue in time by a merchant can include reputation damage and decreased business in the long term.

Therefore it is important to choose appropriate integrations from the start. Also, a cooperation with an accountant can speed up the detection of similar anomalies.

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