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Accounting Services

Depending on your company’s needs you can choose between a monthly plan and a ‚pay as you go‘ option eg. per a bookkeeping record, a tax declaration, etc. See our range of accounting and consultancy services below:

  • general bookkeeping,
  • high volume transacting business – possibility to set up an import of bank and payment gateway statements,
  • VAT accounting, summary, control reports, tax returns,
  • vehicle and excise duties,
  • regular economic reports, visualizations and recommendations,
  • year-end financial statements, tax deductible items, credits, tax return preparation, appendices,
    • ‚closing the books‘ is invoiced separately max. up to the price of your monthly plan.
  • provision of model contracts,
  • employee registration/de-registration (health and social insurance),
  • payroll processing, monthly statement submissions,
  • employee tax – annual assessment.
  • market research, competitive benchmarking,
  • internal control and efficiency analyses,
  • optimization of the processes,
  • digital transformation,
  • market potential, trends research.

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accounting services

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